Streamlining Payables During the Pandemic

Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2020  
Time: Noon PDT
Length: 60 minutes
Speakers:    Eric Hoffman and Andrew Schimmel, WEX; Bobby Waldeck, Mastercard
Moderator:    Greg Sizemore, ABC National



Today’s business environment is forcing companies to look for ways to reduce expenses, mitigate risks and drive revenue to their bottom line. The WEX and Mastercard team will discuss how the accounts payable landscape is changing regarding the buyer/supplier relationship and changes in the corporate card solutions marketplace, as well as provide a demo of the Virtual MasterCard application.


Eric Hoffman is responsible for WEX’s MasterCard business development efforts with prospective and current clients. He works closely with over-the-road and North American fleet businesses.

Andrew Schimmel, a 16-year veteran of the payments industry, helps clients take a strategic approach to payment optimization to drive bottom line results in numerous areas of their businesses.

Bobby Waldeck has more than 15 years’ experience in the payment industry with a focus on providing efficient and economical solutions for both buyers and suppliers. He manages the middle market accounts ($10M to $2B) as well as the construction vertical market and works closely with association partners and construction-related software providers.