ABC Apprenticeship FAQ

Apprenticeship is an Earn While You Learn model, meaning you work on the job getting a good wage and attend class or coursework along with on-the-job training in your trade. The goal is to create a workforce that is knowledgeable and experienced in the trade.
Most training agents with ABC PNW assist with student tuition. This is something you can discuss with your employer or at your first interview with a training agent.
No! Apprenticeship is a paid learning and training opportunity. You will learn the necessary job skills through your OJT and related training coursework.
That depends! Please contact our office for more information.
To be a registered apprentice in the program, you must be working for an approved Training Agent. If you are working in the trade and your employer is NOT a registered training agent with the ABC PNW Apprenticeship Program, please have them reach out to us or visit the Training Agent webpage for more details.
As soon as you are ready! Our programs are open and accepting applications. However, before you apply please make sure you are ready for the commitment to complete the program and ensure you have the required minimum qualifications. After submitting your application, you will have 10 days to submit your documentation to our office.
After you are employed with a registered training agent.

This will happen when ABC PNW places you with an employer, or Dispatched, as we call it. We can connect you with an employer and you will interview for the open position. An interview does not guarantee employment and an employer may also require drug screening or other pre-employment screening. When you are officially hired on with an employer we will dispatch you as an apprentice. It may be a few weeks before you get your State of Oregon Apprenticeship Trainee Card and Registered Apprentice Number.
It depends on the program. Sometimes it is as fast as two business days, other times it can be up to a year. After submitting your minimum qualifications, you can contact our office to ask about your “rank” on the Ranked List of eligible applicants.
Your application, interview (if required), and minimum qualifications will be scored upon submission. That score will put you on the Ranked List. As training agents contact us for new apprentices, we send the top names of the list.
Absolutely! You can submit additional documentation to our office at any time. You can supply documents such as:
  • Letters of experience from your past employers stating your dates worked and submit with your application (non-construction related is okay!)
  • Construction-related certifications (CPR, OSHA, Fork Lift, etc.)
  • High School Transcripts
  • Post-High School Transcripts
  • Veteran Documentation or Transcripts
It depends! The HVAC and Sheet Metal program have classes that follow the school year schedule (September – June) while other programs utilize assigned course study that can be started at any time. The Tile apprenticeship program begins their training in October.
No, the first step to apprenticeship is getting employed and beginning on-the-job training.
Any employment benefits are directly given by the training agents (employers) and not through ABC PNW. This is something you can discuss when you are in the interview process.
Each program follows a wage scale that is approved by the State of Oregon. You will be given a copy of the wage scale with your orientation packet. This wage scale and your level is the minimum an employer can pay. As you gain more related training and OJT hours you will move up the wage scale, this is called a rerate.
This term refers to the journey-level supervision of an apprentice. The ratio is the number of apprentices to one journey-level supervisor. The ratio varies per trade. Upon acceptance into the program you will receive your Orientation Packet which includes this information.
These few years in the program are an investment in your future. As a journey level technician in your trade, this will advance your career and create incredible opportunities in the construction field.