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ABC Action is an advanced advocacy tool that enables users to become a vital part of the ABC grassroots advocacy efforts and further the merit shop philosophy.

JOIN THE ABC Pacific Northwest Government Affairs Committee

What does the ABC PNW advocacy team do?

Represent members and the merit shop philosophy at local legislative meetings, hearings, press conferences and other forums.

Educate the community about local legislation, candidates and elections.

Ignites grassroots efforts (letter campaigns, phone calls, legislative visits) to support critical issues.

Political fundraising to support construction-friendly candidates and legislation Where do you come in? As a constituent, you have a vital role to play in the legislative process. When you take the time to write, call or visit representatives in-person, they listen and take what you say into consideration.

Your story CAN change their view on the issues that affect you, your employees and your community.

So get involved!

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