Utilizing Data to Increase Profits

Date: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2020  
Time: 12pm PST
Length: 60 minutes
Speakers:    Geoffrey Falk, Spectrum Construction Software; Jack Hineman, Gaylor Electric; Kiran Penaka, Viewpoint, a Trimble Company
Moderator: Matt Abeles, ABC National

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Leaders from construction’s top data technology firms will join Jack Hineman, head of business intelligence at Gaylor Electric, to discuss strategies to win work and increase ROI with data. Hineman will discuss challenges the company faced and how data was used to gain insights in real time to ensure opportunities and profits were maximized. He will be joined by the tech leaders from Spectrum and Viewpoint to talk about how Gaylor and other leading construction companies use their products to extract, utilize, understand and use data to gain an advantage.


Jack Hineman, Vice President, Business Intelligence and Brand, Gaylor Electric
Jack Hineman joined the Gaylor Electric team in 2016 as the network administrator and quickly became a student of the company. By gaining a deep understanding of cost accounting, payroll, job cost and several other crucial areas of the business, he developed a passion for analyzing and organizing company data. In 2018, Hineman’s role evolved into a sole focus on business intelligence and analytics. In his role as vice president of business intelligence and brand, he uncovers new insights through advanced data analytics and uses them to develop the company’s brand and marketing tactics. His mission is to lead a data-driven culture within the organization while providing the means to effectively digest valuable insights that will assist Gaylor Electric in making more intentional business decisions.

Kiran Penaka, Product Manager, Analytics, Viewpoint, a Trimble Company
Kiran Penaka is the product manager for analytics at Viewpoint and has more than a decade of experience building and bringing effective data products to market. He crafts Viewpoint’s analytics strategy, which combines the best of technology, data and customer needs to execute on the product vision. Penakia earned a Master of Science degree in computer engineering and is based out of Portland, Oregon.

Geoffrey Falk, Senior Product Manager, Spectrum Construction Software
Geoffy Falk, CPA, is a senior product manager for Spectrum Construction Software and is responsible for the product lifecycl, from strategic planning to successful release. He has more than 20 years’ experience in training, support, implementation and product management. He works closely with clients and industry leaders to keep abreast of new issues and trends in the construction industry.